15 Apr 2018

11 Years and added 1 Partner

Posted by Terry Jones

August 2007 I started my very own travel agency as an Independent Contractor with Cruises, Inc. It is my honor to introduce my partner to my agency Travel Lady Cruises, Erik Jones. Like in my business he is also my partner in life for the last 38 years and I have ‘dragged him kicking and screaming’ he tells people all over the world.

Our partnership started 40 years ago this year when we met at the American Embassy in New Delhi, India. I was there with my family and he was sent their for a short tour of duty. It was a romance like what you would read in a Harlequin Romance book.

Our love of travel is one of the similarities we have had from the very beginning and will stay with us for all of our lives together. So enjoy our tales from our travels and if you need help with travel, now there are two of us to help you with all of your travel needs.

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